Citizen's Charter




The citizen's charter is a written declaration by a Government department that highlights the standards of service delivery that to its subscribers, availability of choice for consumers, avenues for grievances redress and other related information. In other words, it is a set of commitments made by a department regarding the standards of service which it delivers. Though not enforceable in a court of law, the Citizen's Charter is intended to empower citizens so that they can demand committed standards of service and avail remedies in case of non-compliance by service provider Organizations/Department. The Citizen's Charter does not by itself create new legal rights, but it surely helps in enforcing existing rights.



1. To develop administration that takes the citizens into total confidence.
2. The basic objective of the Citizens’ Charter is to empower the citizen in relation to public service delivery.
3. To ensure responsive, accountable, transparent and people friendly administration.



Quality  :  Improving the quality of service.
Choice : Wherever possible.
Standard : Specify what to expect and how to act if standards are not met.
Value : For the tax payers’ money.
Accountability : Individuals and Organisations.
Transparency : Rules/ Procedures/ Schemes/Grievances.


Duties and Responsibilities - Headquarter, Health & Family Welfare Department, Govt. of Bihar.